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Poll:[Insert clever post title here]


Here we go, a chance for reader input! The choices are the following:

1. "Sounders [syn. for destroyed, mauled, humiliated, eviscerated] as Man United Score a [syn. for whopping, childsplay, nuclear] 7 Goals"

2. "Sounders and Manchester United Play a Respectable Game for Gentlemen, All Parties Involved Have Grand Time"

3. "#TrophiesNotFriendlies"

4. "Cute Baby Falls Asleep and Every Time It Wakes Up Man United Score Goal" - with link!

5. Here's one for tomorrow morning, "Terry Boss Has Nightmares, Troubled Sleep, Kasey Keller Consoles" - with link!

6. "I am one of 3 Chelsea fans living in Seattle, they were playing who?"

7. "I am [syn. for furious, annoyed, livid] that I just paid for that"

8. "Sounders Starters Actually Fared Quite Well and Looked Sharp, Sounders Reserves Not So Much"

9. "While All You Were Moaning, Sanna Nyassi Unleashes the Fury" - with link!

The polls are open! Choose your own clever post title now!

Which post title do you like best?