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Love in the club

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So one day, Nate Jaqua returns back to his apartment from a tough day of training. And he walks into the living room, and Roger Levesque is sitting there, right, in like a full on wedding gown, right in the middle of his living room, with this evil look on his face. And there's like camera crews and dramatic lighting. Because of course, that's normal for footballers to do during the wedding season. Rent out freaking James Cameron or Michael Bay for a full day.

And Roger's like, "Nate, I want you to open your eyes"

So, he dives into Roger's dress, and Nate opens his eyes to see Eternal Blue, Forever Green.

And then all of ECS bursts into song.

(Sorry, I was struggling to figure out how I could possibly present this in the most ridiculous way possible. And Roger Levesque struck me as the only person who would buy something like this)