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CONCACAF Champions League Roster For Seattle Sounders

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Today at Seattle Sounders practice Sigi Schmid let it be known that they would travel 20 to Panama and onto the Houston Dynamo away match. Players not traveling are Brad Evans, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and O'Brian White due to health and fitness issues. Also not traveling is of course Steve Zakuani and it would be highly doubtful that Josh Ford travels as we didn't even see him against Manchester United.

Intrepid photog Chris Coulter noted over twitter that at the official Champions League website only 20 players are listed on the roster. The player with the most playing time that is not listed is Hurtado, followed by Nate Jaqua. While Jaqua's absence may be significant it is not certainly so.

Here are the two rules most notable to the upcoming match and roster;

5.1 Teams will be able to inscribe a Roster List consisting of a maximum of 30 players (30-Player List) no later than seven (7) days prior to their first match, at the start of the CCL season for the purposes of participating in Phase 1: Preliminary Round and Phase 2: Group Stage. If the initial and succeeding Roster Lists do not include the maximum 30 players, such Roster list may be increased in a manner consistent with these Regulations, including 5.3 and 5.4 below, provided the maximum of 30 players is not exceeded.

So, once Seattle has named 30 players that's it for the Group Stages. Naming a player now has no effect on the Championship (Knockout) Rounds.

Rule 5.3 notes that if a player is added to a list it must be more than 48 hours prior to a match and can not exceed a total of 30. Rule 5.4 mentions that once a player appears on a roster list for any CCL team they can not be on a roster later for any other CCL team for the same tournament.

5.8 Clubs must submit their 23 Player Roster to their opponent and to CONCACAF no later than 48 hours prior to kick-off of the relevant CCL game. Such roster must be comprised entirely of players on the previously mentioned Roster List (30-player List).

 So the absence of a player today means nothing. Tomorrow it may be an indication of something. But let's not jump to heavily into conclusion land, as most of the players not listed are players who aren't ready for the 18 in MLS play, or aren't healthy - excepting again Nate Jaqua.

Here are the CONCACAF Champions League Rules 2011-2012

Here is the roster of San Fransisco FC of Panama