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Osvaldo Alonso Named Inactive MLS All-Star

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Osvaldo Alonso wins the ball, and an MLS All Star nod
Osvaldo Alonso wins the ball, and an MLS All Star nod

Seattle Sounders Defensive Midfielder Osvaldo Alonso earns recognition as an MLS All-Star after the player vote for the final six named he and five non-Sounders. As an inactive All-Star he is under no requirement to be at the game, but Alonso will get a bonus (hitting next year's cap) and the resume bullet-point as well. This is also the end of Fredy Montero's run as he was an MLS All-Star in both 2009 and 2010.

Around these parts it is of no surprise that Alonso gets this recognition, but when one looks at the players selected he is the most defensive of the non-keepers added and only Juninho plays a somewhat similar role. It may just be that the players around the league recognize what we in Seattle have known for some time. If you have the ball, Osvaldo wants it, will get it, and if you try to stop him, he don't care.

The full six added were;

  • Osvaldo Alonso (SEA)
  • Dwayne De Rosario (DC)
  • Eric Hassli (VAN)
  • Juninho (LA)
  • Joel Lindpere (NY)
  • Nick Rimando (RSL)

While DeRo is still a great player, it does strike me as odd that someone who has played, and worn out his welcome, in so many places still was selected. Also surprising that Mr Caution earned enough respect around the league. One would think that the players would look down on his antics. It would seem they respect his talent even more than his cards. Rimando and Lindpere are both deserving of acknowledgement.

Oh, and now the talk of snubs can start, as the full 32 have been named.