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San Francisco FC Vs. Seattle Sounders, Matchcard: A Big Ole Guessing Game

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Coming up with projected starting lineups for tonight's CONCACAF Champions League qualifier between the Seattle Sounders and Panama's San Francisco FC was no easy task. Dave and I ended up using what has become a pretty standard starting XI with one significant change: Mike Fucito starting alongside Fredy Montero.

This decision was no doubt colored by our desire to actually see this pairing again, but it does make some sense. Roger Levesque is a lot of things, but mostly he's a player that survives by harassing the opponent. That's a useful skill, no doubt, but against a side that should be a little quicker than your average MLS team, it might not be as useful. Fucito seems like a better matchup and he has played well when given the chance. 

We also have Leo Gonzalez starting, mainly based on two things: 1. He's healthy; 2. He's going to be more comfortable playing in that environment as he has more Central American experience than any other player on the roster.

Our lineup for Los Monjes was provided by Jason Anderson (aka @ChestRockwell14) of Black & Red United, but more importantly the person who follows CCL closer than anyone else we know. 

If you don't have FSC, there's no need to fret. The game is also available for free through CONCACAF's website, although it does require registration.

PDF:  sffc-ssfc 0726