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Seattle Sounders at San Francisco FC Panama - Gamethread

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When the Seattle Sounders travel to Panama City, Panama to face San Francisco FC they will be on their longest travel for a competitive match of their existence. They will face a team that is not well known and that little coverage online. The Monks have two strong offensive players in Johan De Avila and Roberto "The Bomber" Brown, but beyond that are a club consistently in transition. Though stocked with quality players from both Panama and Colombia SFFC has yet to succeed in regional tournaments.

Locally though they are quite strong having won 8 titles in their history, 6 in their past 14 seasons while finishing second in 4 more seasons. They are good, but not great. Panamanian sides haven't performed well in the CONCACAF Champions League, but that doesn't mean Seattle can play it safe. An away goal here would change a ton, as it would prevent a conservative approach in Seattle next week. Considering Seattle's weaknesses against the bunker-counter strategy they can ill afford that here. One goal on the road prevents that though. Tonight, Seattle should push for an early goal and then play their standard football. This is a winnable game, though not easy.

The game is on Fox Soccer and probably at 5 PM.

Match Day Prep: Lineup Card | Primer

Tactical Keys

  • One Goal Changes Everything
  • Backline Communication
  • This isn't new
  • Substitute to create mismatches

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