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Nos Audietis, Episode 18: CCL, Lamar Neagle And Houston Dynamo Away

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Nos_audietis_05_mediumI think I can safely speak for all Sounders fans in saying that last night's 1-0 loss to San Francisco FC in the first leg of Seattle CONCACAF Champions League qualifier sucked. A lot. We spend a pretty good chunk of today's show talking about it, including whether we think the Manchester United game had anything to do with it, what lessons we might be able to take from it and what failing to advance to the group stage would mean for this team. After all that downer talk, Jeremiah has a pretty cool interview with Lamar Neagle that should get you feeling just a bit better.

The Sounders get right back to it on Saturday, traveling to Houston to face the Dynamo and to give you some insight we have a segment with Zach Woosley -AKA the Ginge- of Dynamo Theory, Ginge Talks the Footy, SB Nation Soccer and CSRN. And as a palate cleanser, we talk about something completely non-soccer related and arbitrary for about ten minutes.

Also, as you might have notice, the podcast has been moving around a bit these past few weeks. As you might have guessed we're experimenting with different days, and now it's time for you, dear listeners, to offer your feedback. If you have any preference at all, please take a minute to let us know about it in the poll that's just after the jump.

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