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MLS All-Star Game Gamethread

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The Major League Soccer All-Stars will take the pitch against Manchester United for the second straight year. This year they do so at Red Bull Arena, which should be full. Kasey Keller will be there, but merely as the third keeper, and though he's the only Seattle Sounder that will be on the bench today, there is plenty of reason to pay attention to this event.

  1. It's fun, casual soccer
  2. Man United is really good
  3. There may be some announcement

Like all All-Star Games, this is a celebration of the sport and the league. That's it. It isn't a competition. The result isn't important, though there is some part of me that wants that same Wayne Rooney show that we got here. ESPN2 will be showing the game starting at 5:30PM Pacific.

Several people you know will be at the George & Dragon for both the game and the following viewing of Rise and Shine: The Jay Demerit Story with GorillaFC this evening.

This is your gamethread