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Bob Bradley Out As US Men's National Team Coach

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The US Soccer Federation has just announced that Bob Bradley's tenure as coach of the Men's National Team has ended. To say that this comes as a bit of a surprise would be quite an understatement; though there was a great deal of speculation in the days after the USMNT's loss to Mexico in the Gold Cup final that the game might cost Bradley his job, such an announcement would be expected to come within a few days (at most) of the game.

The suddenness of Bradley's firing is beginning to lead to some speculation that the USSF has already selected and agreed to terms with their next coach, and it's difficult to find fault with that logic. To go a step further, for Bradley to be relieved of his duties with such little warning, well after the beginning of the World Cup cycle and an embarrassing loss to the USMNT's greatest rivals, it seems fair to conclude that something fairly major changed within the last few days. Could it be that the USSF has convinced a high-profile candidate to take the position? It's clearly all speculation at this point, but if I had a guess, that would be the one I'd make.

There's certainly going to be more news coming on this, but for now we're left to take a look back at Bradley's time in charge. Opinions of Bradley vary widely, but most agree that he did a respectable job as coach; it's typically a matter of whether or not one believes he's taken the team as far as he can. It will be interesting to see what's next, both for the USMNT and for Bradley. For all his faults, Bob Bradley is one of the better soccer coaches this country has ever produced and I for one wish him all the best in whatever comes next.