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Seattle Sounders At Houston Dynamo - Three Questions With Dynamo Theory

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The Houston Dynamo used to be a team bordering on dynasty. They had a couple titles, many more playoff appearances, several good players and a coach that was once mentioned as a potential future US National Team coach. When the Seattle Sounders play them Saturday only one of those things will be true. The Dynamo do have a new stadium to inject life into next season, but currently they sit 12th by PPM, 12th by Goals For Per, and 10th by Goals Against Per. Somehow though they managed four MLS All-Stars.

Telling us the the tale of the Dynamo is Zach from over at Dynamo Theory. He has declared that their next two matches will make or break the season, which may seem early, but the Naranja are a worse team than their record in his eyes and they need to start turning their season around or the only way they make the Playoffs this season is getting that 10th spot because other teams fail more often than they do.

SaH: Is Tally Hall the next Stefan Frei - great keeper behind a horrid defense?

DT: No, because I honestly don't think Houston's defense is as bad as Toronto's. The Dynamo defense had been very strong until the Chivas match and while Kofi Sarkodie had a rough night, I'm still glad to see him playing. It's more about the defense's inconsistency and even a keeper as good as Hall can't bail them out every time.

SaH: What is the best role for Geoff Cameron and why doesn't he play there every game?
DT: Cameron should be playing in the central defense. The Dynamo were an light switch away from the MLS Cup Final in 2009 with him playing there and after nearly two seasons of this CAM experiment, everyone except Kinnear has clearly determined it's a total failure. Isn't Cameron listed as a defender for the All-Star game as well? Why doesn't he play there, no clue. I suppose the thinking is that Taylor and Hainault are more than capable of anchoring the back line and since Houston has no true CAM, we might as well stick Cameron there and see what happens. Whatever the case, it's not working and it's hurting the team.

SaH: After Koke and Landin what's going to happen with the next major talent that is targeted?

DT: The team will fail to sign them or they'll visit Houston, realize the weather is horrific for a footballer and run away scared. I don't know, what's going to happen. I don't think we're getting any financial support from AEG towards actually signing anyone and I have a quickly eroding faith in Canetti and Kinnear's ability to not only find the right player but to actually sign them. When the Dynamo moved from San Jose in 2006, Houston got a fully assembled, ready to win team. Six seasons later they've been decimated by a lack of quality signings, bad trade after bad trade and all their best pieces leaving for Europe. The team has proven only that's it's apparently incapable of rebuilding and sustaining a competitive roster.

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