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Consider This Weekend's W-League Final Four A Gauge For WPS Interest

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Admittedly, we don't cover women's soccer around here as much as we probably should. There is, after all, a professional team playing under the name Sounders that was once officially part of the same organization. They play their games at Starfire and are actually hosting the USL's W-League Final Four starting tonight. (The Sounders Women play at 7 p.m. against Ottawa by the way. If you're interested, you should definitely check out the Seattle Times' preview. Solid stuff.)

Part of the reason we don't cover the Sounders Women more, though, is because we don't get a sense there's much demand for it. As far as I know, we've never been asked about doing more.

I have a feeling that would change pretty quickly if they ever chose to join the WPS, similar to how interest in the Sounders rose considerably after they joined MLS.

Not to read too much into some comments team owner Jon Billings made to the Times, but it sounds like joining WPS is at least a possibility:

(You mentioned the bigger picture goals of the weekend beyond just this championship. Is making the leap to WPS a goal for this organization?) "Definitely a possibility. We're actually considering everything and this weekend can really create some momentum and turn some heads. ... I don't know if our future is WPS, based on how that league is, but certainly taking the team to a higher level -- whether it be within this league or adjusting it to a more professional thing or expanding on the organization so we can reach more people -- that's definitely a goal. If we do this right, it can turn and take this to a higher level."

I'm sure this weekend's tournament, which concludes at 4 p.m. on Sunday and will be played on Fox Soccer, is being used to at least somewhat gauge interest. If you feel like women's soccer in the Pacific Northwest is currently under covered, heading out to Starfire this weekend is probably a good start.