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Houston Dynamo Vs. Seattle Sounders, Matchcard: Projected Lineups, Statistics

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dynamo-sounders 0729
dynamo-sounders 0729

Editor's note: Sorry, this is so late. Been a long day.

Coming off a game on Tuesday, we're projecting the Seattle Sounders to use a starting lineup that looks pretty similar to the one they've been using for the last few weeks. The only changes we foresee are Alvaro Fernandez being inserted into the left midfielder position that was occupied by Lamar Neagle on Tuesday and for Tyson Wahl to regain his starting spot at left mid.

With five days of rest, there's really no good reason that any Sounders who played heavy minutes on Tuesday shouldn't be able to repeat the effort on Saturday. One thing, though, that could play a factor is weather. Temperatures at gametime are supposed to be in the upper 80s or lower 90s, which will be among the hottest temperatures in which the Sounders have had to play all season. 

The Dynamo's lineup was provided by Dynamo Theory, who thought they'd come out in a diamond midfield with Geoff Cameron playing more of a CAM. They have also been known to use more of a flat 4-4-2.

PDF:  dynamo-sounders 0729