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Seattle Sounders At Houston Dynamo: Gamethread

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Houston Dynamo v Seattle Sounders Match Day Card
Houston Dynamo v Seattle Sounders Match Day Card

The slide of the Houston Dynamo started shortly after they defeated the Seattle Sounders in that two-leg MLS Cup Playoff match back in 2009. This season one of the most frustrating results of the year was the draw at Qwest when Tally Hall stood on his head. Now when these two teams meet it will be a defining moment for the Orange as they try to stay alive in the Playoff hunt, while Seattle has the opportunity for its best July ever.

The Sounders deal with another match in heat, even hotter than Panama. The forecast is for 90 degree heat and wonderful Gulf Coast humidity at kick off. Seattle also has traveled quite a bit lately, and so the legs may be a bit weary. For most teams this would mean a conservative approach, but Sigi rarely plays a slowdown game with the draw in mind. Houston is not a very good run-of-play team so the Rave Green should try to capitalize on that creating through players like Mauro Rosales and Alvaro Fernandez at unique angles of attack.

The game is KONG 6/16/106 and 97.3FM with Arlo White on the call at 5:30 PM Pacific

Match Day Prep: Lineup Card | Three Questions
Opposing Looks at Dynamo Theory

Tactical Keys

  • Set-Piece Defense
  • Defend Tall
  • Use short bursts of speed
  • Continue to create new angles



Key Match-ups
  • James Riley v Brad Davis
  • Osvaldo Alonso v Geoff Cameron
  • Alvaro Fernandez v Kofi Sarkodie

Closing on Davis so he doesn't have time to serve the ball in open play will be key. If Riley gets forward enough this may also force Davis back. Cameron has been used all over the pitch but is at his best as a defensive player. Alonso should be able to keep him from distributing effectively. Fernandez was at the World Cup last year, while Sarkodie was at Akron. Abuse this.


Traditional Goals Assists Save % GAA
Dynamo Bruin, Weaver (4) Davis (9) Hall (70%) Hall (1.24)
Sounders Montero (6) Rosales (6) Keller (73%) Keller (1.05)
Additional PP90 Set-Play | Run Team Shot +/-  90 Team ShOG +/- 90
Dynamo Davies (0.77) GD +3 | -5 -0.43 -0.48
Sounders Montero (1.07) GD +6 | +4 1.82 0.91


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