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Seattle Sounders 0 At Los Angeles Galaxy 0 - Highlights, Statistics, Quotes

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Fourth of July matches are often hidden and buried from our psyche. There is just so much other stuff going on in the average American household. What shouldn't be forgotten is that the Seattle Sounders had more chances in the first 30 and last 15 than the Los Angeles Galaxy did. While the Galaxy controlled the 45 minutes within that period. The tie was not just a fair result, but for two teams aspiring for the Supporters Shield is a positive for the road team. While several Sounders fans mentioned Brian Perk coming off his line early, neither the replay nor a single Sounder themself thought it was true. The shot was to the center third of the goal, and Fredy Montero missed his opportunity at a winner. Of course, if "ifs" were fifths, we'd all be drunk. Particularly so for Juan Pablo Angel who had several opportunities, but continues his scoreless streak at home for the LA team. Sigi subs were definately a case of him going with "his guys," but it should be noted, that Seattle did have the better play when that happened.

Looking at the statistics we find that Seattle did a fine job in creating chances, winning duels, in passing and though down bit on possession had enough chances against the a top two team at home that a point is notable, and fair. The Sounders do continue to get plagued by blocked shots, and some of this is due to the number of shots taken from out side the box. They average 3.15 blocked shots per match, costing themselves opportunities and goals.

The quotes show us that Sith Lord Landon Donovan didn't like to play as direct as Seattle forced the match, while Emperor Arena felt that any result of 1-nil or 0-0 would have been fair on the night. Young Brian Perk felt that they deserved three points, and probably doesn't think poor distribution from the back matters. Montero has the quote that should be noted for all Sounders fans

"It’s always good to tie on the road. It’s a different story whether we did good or bad but it’s always good to tie away."

That encapsulates so much. Road point = good. How they got there was frustrating to most.

Notes: AJ DeLaGarza was field side watching the Reserve Game today.

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Goals by Period




L.A. Galaxy




Seattle Sounders FC






L.A. Galaxy - Brian Perk, Sean Franklin, Omar Gonzalez (Bryan Jordan 80), A.J. DeLaGarza (Gregg Berhalter 24), Todd Dunivant, Landon Donovan, Mike Magee (David Beckham 69), Chris Birchall, Juninho, Juan Pablo Angel, Chad Barrett      Substitutes Not Used: Kevin Guppy, Paolo Cardozo, Jordan Kirovski, Miguel Lopez     TOTAL SHOTS: 9; SHOTS ON GOAL: 2; FOULS: 14; OFFSIDES: 3; CORNER KICKS: 2; SAVES: 2.      Seattle Sounders FC - Kasey Keller, James Riley, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Jeff Parke, Tyson Wahl, Mauro Rosales (Lamar Neagle 90+), Osvaldo Alonso, Erik Friberg, Alvaro Fernandez (Pat Noonan 71), Fredy Montero (Brad Evans 61), Roger Levesque     Substitutes Not Used: Terry Boss, Patrick Ianni, Zach Scott, Lamar Neagle, Nate Jaqua     TOTAL SHOTS: 14; SHOTS ON GOAL: 3; FOULS: 13; OFFSIDES: 6; CORNER KICKS: 5; SAVES: 2.


Misconduct Summary:

SEA - Erik Friberg (caution, Reckless Foul) 56

L.A. - Landon Donovan (caution, Reckless Foul) 90+


Referee: Ricardo Salazar

Referee's Assistants: Peter Manikowski; Colin Arblaster

4th Official: Alejandro Mariscal

Attendance: 27,000

Los Angeles Galaxy

  Seattle Sounders FC


Attempts on Goal



Shots on Target



Shots off Target



Blocked Shots



Corner Kicks






Open Play Crosses






Yellow Cards



Red Cards



Duels Won



Duels Won %



Total Pass



Passing Accuracy %










LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena

On the result:"I think the final score is a fair result. That was a game that was pretty even. I would have liked had the chance to make a couple of other substitutions in the second half, but obviously we had to make changes to the center backs that's difficult. The first change to A.J. [DeLaGarza] was going to have us hampered in the second half. The issue with Omar [Gonzalez], that was difficult. Having said that, I think [Brian] Perk did very well for his first game in the league. I think the adjustments our team made losing two center backs was pretty good, but certainly the best chance out of the run of play was [Juan Pablo] Angel's and obviously the chance in the game was the penalty kick. Having said all that, I think it was a fair result at the end of the game. I give Perk game a lot of credit in his first game. I don't think he was tested a whole lot, but a penalty kick is as much as a test as you are every going to face. A lot of credit to Brian."

On playing Seattle:"It was two teams that were obviously well schooled on each other. It can't be a sloppy game. It can't be a game where you lose concentration... you get sloppy, you give up chances. We made a couple of mistakes of in the first half and we were fortunate to get out of it. We had a great chance with Angel. It's one of those games. It's a one play game. It's a 1-0 game one way or the other."

On Brian Perk's first game:"It's nice to know he can play. We have three great goalkeepers. Perk we've had for about a year and we could see as he got some reserve games he's confidence grew, he got the experience that he needed. I think tonight he looked like a guy that's played. He's an experienced player at the youth level. He's played in international competition. We didn't throw a player into the game that's going to run around like he's head chopped off. I think the game he got last week in Open Cup was good for him and obviously, playing tonight at home makes it a little easier for him. All I can say he's a keeper we can put in there and be successful."

LA Galaxy Midfielder Landon Donovan

On the result:"It was a weird game. It's not often that you start a game with one of your DP's on the bench, your third string goalie and within a half hour you have to take off one of your center backs. It was a weird game, but given all of that, I was really proud of the adjustments that we made, the effort was good, we just weren't sharp. All in all I think that we're actually pretty proud of the performance we put in given everything that happened tonight."

On his team's attacking play:"Seattle did a really good job of pressing us. There were a few times particularly at the end of the first half and at the start of the second half where we did a good job of passing and getting out of pressure, but for the most part they came after us and we had to be a little bit more direct than we usually are."

On the play of Brian Perk:"He did great. Obviously the penalty was a great save at a really important time of the game. He didn't really put a foot wrong. A few of his kicks were a bit astray but he was good, he was aggressive and smart. It kind of epitomizes what this team is about. I'm pretty confident in saying that there isn't another team that could have their third string goalie playing against maybe the hottest team in the league right now and come away with a shutout."

LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Brian Perk

On his penalty kick save:I just looked at him (Sounders forward Fredy Montero). I thought he was a crafty player, so I'd thought he'd open his hips and close them. And, that's exactly what he did. I guessed the right way. I was very fortunate, but it worked out. I'd seen him play before and I thought he was crafty player and tried to show me one way and go another and that's what he did. And lucky I guessed the right way."

On what he learned after his first start:"I learned that I was a little nervous, but after the first 5, 10 minutes I felt pretty good. There's a lot of things I need to work on, but for the most part it was pretty solid."

On the result:"0-0 is not the best result for your team, I mean, I think three points is what we deserved, but we didn't give up a goal and that's a credit to our back line. We don't concede many goals. Whether it's me, (Josh) Saunders or (Donovan) Ricketts, it seems like we're always giving zero or one goal. When Omar (Gonzalez) went down I was thinking, maybe we should take the draw, 0-0 is not the worst result with both our center backs down."

LA Galaxy Midfielder David Beckham

On returning to action:"I've been out for three weeks; haven't been able to do anything for three weeks. So, it's good to be able to be back out there again, of course.  Obviously I've got a week until the next game so it's going to be a good week."

On if he expected to play tonight:"I didn't expect to play in this game. I've had an epidural and a cortisone injection last week and seemed to react well and took the pain away. Obviously the fracture is still there, but the pain's died down a bit."

LA Galaxy Defender Omar Gonzalez

On his injury:"(It happened) at midfield when I got undercut by (Roger) Levesque and landed straight on my hip. After that I couldn't really run at all. I tried to move, but I just couldn't."

On the penalty kick:"I wasn't worried about it, I knew Perk was going to come up big. So, right after it happened, I walked over to my spot and got ready to chase after the ball and I'm the one who cleared it off the line."

Seattle Sounders FC Head Coach Sigi Schmid

On tonight's game:"It was an exciting game, obviously there were a couple of things that could have influenced the game Kasey Keller makes a big save at the end there on [Juan Pablo] Angel, Freddy Montero misses a penalty kick. Those are key plays that could change the game." 

On the team's performance:"I thought we did alright. I thought the first half was good for us. I thought the second half there was a period of time where they definitely controlled the game. I felt there was about 15 minutes in the second half where we didn't get a hold of the ball and they kept putting pressure on us. At the end of the game I thought we did alright and we got ourselves back in the game and then when [David] Beckham came on there seemed to be a lot of free kicks happening in midfield. Maybe there is a rule were he has to get six or seven free kicks a game."

On Brian Perk:"I though we made him work at times. I thought Tyson Wahl's cross was something that made him work. Brad Evans almost caught him off his line the one time we saw him off his line to hit it. I thought we forced some back passes to him and he gave a couple of balls away there, popped a couple of balls up. Obviously he came up with a big save on the PK. He did well but you can always make a goalkeeper work more."

Seattle Sounders FC Forward Fredy Montero(Translated from Spanish)

On the penalty kick:"I tried shooting it close to the post but I shot it short and he guessed right and blocked it. That's the end of the story."

On the result:"It's always good to tie on the road. It's a different story whether we did good or bad but it's always good to tie away."

Seattle Sounders FC Goalkeeper Kasey Keller

On the team's performance:"Sure we could have gotten more out of it. They had some good chances as well. Yeah it's frustrating, not frustrating in a bad way but it's much better than how we have played them the last three or four times so on that side we feel good. They are a good team. They have the most points in the league there is a reason for that and we came here and game them a good game."

On Brian Perk:"When you save penalty on your debut it's not a bad thing to do. He got a clean sheet and saved a penalty he'll have a lot to build on. It's going to make some interesting decisions for the next game. That is always what you want to do. You need to take advantage of the opportunities that you get in goal because you don't know how many you are going to get and when you do the coaching staff says ‘Alright he can play, he got a result for us and came up with a big save.' Maybe it's not his time right now but it gets banked in the archives. Alright you did it for us this time maybe some one is out of form or maybe some one gets injured and you think alright we got some one that can do it."