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News Roundup/Countdown to Sunday

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Incoming wall of text. Please have handy your morning coffee.


It doesn't really feel like another epic Cascadia clash is right around the corner. Maybe it's because we're deeper into the season now, and that there are other more immediate matters. The Timbers will be playing a friendly against Club America tomorrow evening, so perhaps they are waiting until that is over to fully commit their attention to our visit. In any case, as we get closer and closer, expect much more intensity from the Portland fans. Or at the very least higher ticket prices. On the Portland Craigslist, I've seen as high as $150 a ticket for Timbers Army seating. Talk about a premium rivalry.

  • This comes first for today's reading, because if you guys aren't already using twitter, I just found an excuse for you to sign up. The blog Dropping Timber is holding a twitter contest for a highly-coveted ticket to this weekend's game.

    The rules for this contest are simple: you have to be either 1) bashing Seattle 2) something funny 3) an obscure Timbers fact (?) 4) something bashing scalpers

    Now, I'm not one for spamming other people's twitter accounts, but come on, Sounders fans have to be some of the best twitter-er's of all time, OF ALL TIME. I'm not suggesting you do anything. I am merely putting this up here, and if the Sounders twitter #yacht merely happens to get wind of it, then I had nothing to do with it...

  • Speaking of which, I was drinking my morning coffee in a half-sleepy stupor when I was reading some tweets, and it came to me. The nickname for the ex-Qwest Field, Century Link, C-Link, Clink, the Dock, Royal Brogham Park, Xbox Pitch, etc. Lately a lot of people have been mixing it up between 'the Clink' and 'the Dock', in reference to #thoughtsfrommyyacht. Well the Clink + the Dock = the Locks.

    Ta daaa.

  • This is absolutely worth mentioning.

    The Baby Sounders are in their very first year and are doing Washington proud. I've been telling people all along, this state has the young talent to show those Texas and California pansies how to play soccer. So it's no surprise that this weekend the U-16 team will be headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a shot at the USSDA National Championships. They will be facing off against familiar youth heavyweights like the Dallas Texans, CASL Chelsea Academy, North Carolina Fusion, and several other MLS academy teams.

    If you think about it this way, these kids could essentially be the future stars of our 2018 Russia World Cup roster, and that is awesome. Come on you Sounders!

  • For you eBay sharks, there is a Date with a Sounder auction, with proceeds going towards Boys and Girls Club, America Scores, Washington Youth Soccer, Global Health Alliance, and Special Olympics.
  • There are some rumors going around that there will be an announcement for the first ever African DP MLS signing very soon. A lot of speculation has been thrown out in regards to the Sounders and Prince Tagoe. The 24-year old Ghanian striker has been linked with a >$10mil transfer away from Hoffenheim, but it seems most of the rumors being spread haven't taken into account some basic facts about MLS. Like the fact that the Sounders would in no way be able to afford him. Or that he actually is already in Hoffenheim camp and wouldn't be here for the big announcement if there was one (so I'm told, can't read German). Or that money doesn't grow on trees (in the NW at least).
  • Another rumor recently put to bed is the Marcus Hanhemann home-coming link, which was recently fed fuel with a seemingly false statement from NYRB. Again, it's a matter of practicality, as Hanhemann is a US international and would have to enter MLS through the allocation system. This we already knew, as many other players have come to MLS mid-season. The Sounders currently sit 7th in the pecking order, with many other teams who have priority over Seattle. So again, as we all already knew, if we were to land Marcus, it'd have to come in some sort of trade for allocation money, players, or picks.

    What Sigi revealed in this quote is that he doesn't want to do any of that. While he states that he would love to have Marcus back here in Seattle, it's fairly obvious he is not going to go out of his way. When he says "the rules right now don't allow it", what he really means is "we could splash the cash for a retiring and old keeper, but we won't".

  • Here is another absurd Seattle transfer wishlist. Only, it's not that absurd. Kind of like my wish list. OK FINE THAT ONE IS A LOT SMARTER AND SNARKIER.
  • Lastly, I was a big fan of Ender's Game and Calvin and Hobbes, but Twilight?