Playing Devil’s Advocate: Will it be a Front Office Failure?

Editor's note: Was thinking about this very topic and rather than posting something very similar, why not just put this out front and center for all to discuss. - Jeremiah

Something in the comments thread of this post got me thinking.  If Hanauer doesn’t make a deadline deal to bring in bigger talent, is he a failure? 

One side of the argument claims that the Sounders have the room on their budget and the open roster spot to add big name talent.  There are definite holes in the team’s roster that need filling, and if the Front Office fails to fill those holes in this window, they are failures. 


However, one might argue, being a General Manager of a sports team is not just about the deadlines.  Their job is to continuously add talent in order to build a competitive team.  Some could argue that the Sounders Front Office has done a stellar job of building the current roster.  A roster that, as currently constructed, is successfully competing for four trophies.  It is also a Roster that has a good mix of young talent and veteran leadership. 


If a move is not made to bring in a dangerous, goal scoring forward, it would definitely be a disappointment, and it will probably hinder the team’s chance to win a Supporters Shield.  However, as currently constructed the team has a good chance to advance out of the group stage of Champions League, win the Open Cup, and has the ability to go on a run in the playoffs and win MLS Cup. 


The window is not closing on this team’s championship hopes.  Our core is made up of solid young talent augmented by veteran leadership.  Most of the veteran's aside from Kasey Keller are easily replaceable, and most of the young talent is locked up on long term contracts. If the roster was filled with short term players (like New York for one example) i would feel more desperate to sign anyone that could help now, but this team is built for the present and the future.  Personally, I hope the Front Office can sign their number one, two, or three pick.  However, if those deals don’t work out I would hate to see them waste the resources on subpar talent just to get someone in the door before the deadline. 

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