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CCL & MLS Multi Game Thread

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The other two teams in Group D of the CONCACAF Champions League are kicking off now. If we're gunning for second place in the group (as we probably should be), we'll want a Monterrey win here to reduce the competition. On the other hand, a stumble by the Mexican team would open a crack in the door to a group win and possibly an easier route through the bracket. probably has this and streams are out there.

Also, there's some midweek MLS action tonight. Hope you set your fantasy rosters. Houston and New England play in a match that probably doesn't mean anything to the Revs but could have a big impact on Houston's borderline playoff hopes. And a little later the Timbers travel to Kansas City where the Sporks could continue their race up the Eastern Conference and Portland could have their slender playoff hopes pretty much snuffed out with a bad result.

And later there's some more MLS-in-CCL action as FC Dallas travels down to Mexico to hopefully get exhausted playing Pumas and Colorado hosts onetime Sounders groupmate Isidro Metapan.