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FC Manager ESPN Fantasy League Roster Date Reminder

Hello all you brilliant people. Seriously, after 20 weeks of ESPN Fantasy MLS (search Group: Sounder at Heart Readers, password: in somniis) there are 46 of you in the top 2%. After two segments San Diego Zoo FC is still in first overall for our group, but some were able to catch up a bit with four others being within 50 points. The segment two leader was Tuck the Fimbers.

Despite my not logging into the league for several weeks after I made Mike Fucito a starter I'm still in the top 20% of overall play. This just shows the huge opportunity for a segment three win for all of you.

Small advice. Your captain should almost always have a week with two matches. Players that you don't intend to transfer out should be on teams with more games remaining (two have 14, three have 13 left). Pay attention to injuries, transfers and trades over the past two weeks, because some of those seeming steals are guys that shouldn't be taken yet.

Go set your rosters.

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