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Amadou Sanyang Signing Glimpse At Concussions And Long Term Relationships

Recovered from a concussion, Amadou Sanyang will play where he's needed for the Seattle Sounders now.
Recovered from a concussion, Amadou Sanyang will play where he's needed for the Seattle Sounders now.

When Amadou Sanyang was announced as a Seattle Sounder signee the first question was "Why is he a free?" Toronto FC had let him go as he recovered from a significant concussion. An issue that is also in light for the Sounders as Terry Boss is still recovering (3 to 6 days) from his during the Manchester United friendly. Sigi Schmid on Wednesday addressed how seriously this league and other are now taking the issue;

It is something that has changed in sports in general. I think the NFL is more cautious with it. Every sport is more cautious with it. We were [talking about it] as a coaching staff and saying that I probably remember playing concussed four times. There was a game that I don't remember one second of the game. I know I got smacked early in the game, and you just played that way in the past.

Now the League is being more cautious. I've been through it with Chad Marshall, where he had to sit out the rest of the season. I got to Columbus when Ross Pauley (wiki profile) trying to come back and he had to call his career because of concussion. It's a serious thing. With Boss the hit he took wasn't that extreme so for him to have gotten concusses we're trying to be careful and do the right things for him.

For Sanyang the right thing for him was to leave the game for a bit and recover. But when he was able practice again he got his name out there as a free and found a place where he was wanted. A place where someone he knew from Gambia used to play. Amadou knows Sanna Nyassi from back in the day.

Before coming down here I got a little bit of [info] from Sanna Nyassi. He said that it is a good management.  It's just a good environment for a young player to come in and compete... We talk from time to time and he's given me a good impression about the team.

Sanyang played here two years ago and noted the crowd, mentioning that sometimes a young player can get a little overwhelmed.

When asked where he can play he answers;

To me it doesn't matter. It is up to the coaches whatever kind of job they want me to do. You just step up and fit in.

Sigi has noted that his flexibility throughout the defense and athleticism can fit into many roles. Perhaps think back to the 2009 Patrick Ianni and Nathan Sturgiswho were able to play as holding midfielders, fullbacks and centerbacks depending on the circumstances and needs for the club. As they developed one has become a CB, the other a CDM. For Sanyang, who just turned 20, he has plenty of time to figure out his best fit in MLS.

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