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Seattle Sounders Vs. Columbus Crew, Interactive MatchCard: Projected Lineups And More

Editor's note: I moved the card below the jump. It was taking a little longer to load than I wanted. - Jeremiah

For a second, please ignore the names on the matchcard and give a serious look at our newest toy. As you can probably see, it's much more interactive than the old one. The folks at Tableau were very gracious in helping us construct this prototype. From a user standpoint, we think this is considerably better than the static onces we've been sharing up until now. The only downside is that the printable PDF does not give you the full roster. Please let us know if that's a major issue for you.

The other downside, at least today, is that Dave and I did not actually physically put this one together and as a result did not have the ability to tweak the lineup. With that said, we expect Lamar Neagle and Mauro Rosales to be the starting midfielders in this one. Both are well rested and should be ready to go.

The other starters are our actual predictions. Mike Fucito should retake his rightful spot atop the formation alongside Fredy Montero and we expect Jhon Kennedy Hurtado will be back in at centerback.

Our Crew lineup was provided by Matt Bernhardt of Massive Report. No big surprises there.

Anyway, we're very interested in your feedback on these cards. We expect to make them a permanent feature, but really want to kno what you think. Play around with them a bit and I'm sure you'll find them interesting.

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