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Prince Tagoe Transfers To Bursaspor In Turkey

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At one point it seemed that the Ghana National Team forward would windup as a Seattle Sounder. Then on MLS Summer Window day there was no deal - not Tagoe, nor another player. The assumption was that it Tagoe was strong. There were plenty of indications that it might have been.

Today, on Deadline Day for most of the European Leagues Prince Tagoe has joined Bursaspor in Turkey's first division. He will immediately step in as a starter for a team that was in the Europa League (already knocked out) and finished in the top 3 in a league that is gaining respect for its play on the field, if not for the issues rising from a match-fixing scandal.

For all the strides MLS has made (say two wins in Mexico in the past month, or improving attendance) it has a few steps to take before it gets strong attention from players in their peak and capable of playing in top leagues in Europe. MLS' new rules to encourage more pre-peak players will help. But for now peak players are a touch out of reach.