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Church Of Fucito Grows As Blood Flows

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Church of Fucito Prayer Cards via <a href="">KCForFucito</a>
Church of Fucito Prayer Cards via KCForFucito

When the tweetmeme #ChurchOfFucito was captured and rerouted here at Sounder at Heart the thought was that it would be a fun way to celebrate the skills that were seen in Mike Fucito for nearly two years. His braces against both the Kitsap Pumas and CSD Comunicaciones this year, and his performance in the CONCACAF Champions League last season got him a certain fanbase. There are twelve shirts for a select group of fans (yes, I have one). But sometimes intentions start things that grow well beyond their origin.

On Tuesday night that base was large enough he received a near standing ovation for entering the game. But when a player leaves his blood on the pitch he is bound to get an even greater reputation. The mythology surrounding him will grow. Prayers are now written. The "Church" has become even more like a faith. The cards pictured here are from the Twitter @KCForFucito and quite frankly are amazing. Irreverent, yes, but amazing none-the-less. Regardless of how many more goals Fucito scores in Electricity or Rave Green, his time here is now legend.