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Tico Tico: Herediano CCL


The team is in Costa Rica now in preparation for the CONCACAF Champions League to face Herediano, the old club of Leonardo Gonzalez.

Not much to tell you about them, other than they are typically very good at home. In their most recent match on Sunday, they thrashed the top ranked team Alajuelense in Costa Rica a whopping 4-0 at home. A kickfight also broke out.

So what else do we know about them, other than Mike Fucito would be in danger if the two teams came to confrontation? Well, they previously lost to Communicaciones 2-0, and before that were destroyed by champs Monterrey 5-0 in the opening round. Despite looking like the weakest team in the group, they may actually hold a surprise for the Sounders and Leo's return.

CCL is a competition everyone loves to underestimate, so I'll be conservative in saying the Sounders whip out a narrow victory. Best case scenario is that they win 4-0 with Josh Ford in the goal, Fucito scores two, and they accidentally forget Pat Noonan in the hotel after the flight back. But I can live with one goal margin of victory.