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Seattle Sounders At CS Herediano - Gamethread

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The CONCACAF Champions League does not have the fame of its European counter-part. Part of that is because at this time the CCL has a single significant league. The Seattle Sounders could help rewrite that second sentence with a win in Wednesday night's match in Costa Rica against CS Herediano. Nine points in just three matches with two of the remaining at home changes the way Sigi Schmid can manage his roster for the rest of Group D and MLS Regular Season play.

A few weeks ago this seemed like a match where that would be assured. A change of coaches has led to improved form for the 2nd ranked team in Costa Rica, and yesterday we got a reminder of what it is like playing on the road in CONCACAF. For all the complaints about USSF referees they are at worst the equal of their compatriots to the South. The Sounders have to take care though. Referees define the game when you let them. The LA Galaxy were out-played and "deserved" to lose, but not in that manner.

Players like Alvaro Fernandez (prone to pleading) and Mike Fucito (prone to screaming) cannot let the referee define the match (those two merely exmples). The lack of sufficient scouting means that Sigi will have to have the team define itself. They must play as drawn up on the chalkboards and in the film sessions. Be exactly what you are. The surprises that Herediano will throw out there are meaningless, because Seattle is the better team. When they play like that they will win.

The game is on Fox Soccer (National Play-By-Play), (British PbP) and 97.3FM with Arlo White on the call at 7PM

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Tactical Keys

  • Define Themselves
  • Referees Don't Play
  • Communicate Defensively
  • Plan for success

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