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Sounders Wooing Season-Ticket Renewals With Clever Marketing

If you're a Seattle Sounders season-ticket holder, you've probably already seen this video: Roger Levesque asking you to renew your season tickets. It's basically a continuation of the "Date With a Sounder" ad campaign that they ran earlier this year (and, inadvertently spawned @Pain_Machine). Wexley School for Girls is once again the group behind these ads. In a word: awesome.

Maybe I come off a little fanboy-ish by fawning over these ads so much, but I really do like them. Playing up the players' personalities is almost always a great idea, though, and Wexley has executed it perfectly.

What may have gone a little less noticed (I know I missed it the first time) was there are also videos of Kasey Keller and Steve Zakuani. If you click on "add seats" you're greeted by Keller, who waxes on a bit about his impending retirement:

If you click on "upgrade" you get to see Zakuani, who has a little fun with, you guessed it, his season-ending injury. Among the memorable lines, "I know when I left, it hurt you, but I think it hurt me a little bit more." Gotta love the guy.

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