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Nos Audietis, Episode 25: CCL, RSL And The End-Of-Season Run-In

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Nos_audietis_05_mediumA pretty disappointing Saturday afternoon gave way to a pretty wonderful Tuesday evening, and though the Sounders loss to Real Salt Lake most likely put Seattle's Supporters Shield chances well out of reach a nice win against Herediano in the CONCACAF Champions League has them in excellent shape. So, not the best week we've ever had but far from the worst, and with a bit more of an idea as to where things stand the Sounders can now approach the home stretch with a bit more of a singular focus.

These are all topics of discussion this week, and we also have Jason Anderson (aka @ChestRockwell14) on the show to talk about DC United and CCL. Seeing as how he's a contributor at Black And Red United Jason pretty clearly knows his stuff where DCU are concerned, but he's also a veritable encyclopedia of CCL knowledge and if you're not reading and/or following on Twitter you're missing out.

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