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Re-birth: DC United and the OBW we should have signed

The Stanky Leg was born in Seattle, when Charlie Davies and a young US team played in the Gold Cup in what was then called Qwest Field.

It's been over 2 years since that goal, and in that time Davies has been to hell and back. The kid singlehandedly brought the swagger to the USMNT when they shocked the world in the 2009 Confederations Cup, and the team lost it when he was tragically injured.

Emotional story aside, Seattle loves Davies. His injury felt like it happened to someone in the family and there was a connection between fans and the incident. Not surprisingly, he feels the same way about Seattle.

He has said that he respects the city so much, that if he scores he will refrain from celebrating.

And score he will try. CD9 unleashed a perfect hat-trick last week against Chivas. He has 8 goals this season, but he's done wonders for a DC United attack that last year was uncreative and unproductive.

The kid I am going to be watching out for is Perry Kitchen. In my eyes, he is easily the best draft product of this season, strongly competing with the likes of Will Bruin, Zarek Valentin, Lamar Neagle, AJ Soares, and Jalil Anibaba.

Unfortunately, you won't hear me moaning because Seattle never stood a chance at obtaining the 3rd overall draft pick. However, he is a vital part of the hustle and grind of the DC backbone. He has the second most minutes of any field player on the team.

I'd love to see Servando Carrasco out there tomorrow as a test of Rookie-ness. A Carrasco-Kitchen fight would be an excellent bill to witness.

Black-and-Red's to Watch Out For: Dwayne DeRo is still a beast in this league. This will be his second visit to Seattle this season, and in his first visit he outshone Thierry Henry. Davies and DeRosario is a lethal combination, and one that should be in the national setup against other countries. Sadly, we get stuck with that.

Sounders to Step Up: I see Mauro Rosales using his experience tomorrow. Also, without Hurtado's flailing arms, I'm really hoping Pat Ianni steps up and defends the house. Two veterans will have to be smart against an agile team.