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Seattle Remembers Electron Boy

I'd like to dedicate this spot to Erik Martin, or whom some of you may remember as Electron Boy.


Erik Martin was only 14 when he passed earlier today from health problems and an untreatable cancer. He was a only a young man, but he inspired so many people, including the Sounders players and many Sounders fans.

I am always proud of the fact that Seattle has a vibrant and passionate soccer community, and one that also cares deeply about the people that make it.

Supporting groups like Street Soccer Seattle, who bring homeless people out of the streets and onto the soccer fields, and individuals like Aaron D'errico, a son of a 1970's Sounders player who wanted to create a hero's story, these are the things that make Seattle special and unique.

They all tie in a little bit of soccer and thus connect us all, but it's something I never take for granted.

Electron Boy had his adventures recorded as a comic, and you can read and buy a copy of it here, with all proceeds going to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Rock on Electron Boy.