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Seattle Sounders v DC United - Gamethread

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DC United has a diverse attack. With goal scoring and assist men on the wings, at forward and with the player who may be the most similar in play to Fredy Montero with Dwayne De Rosario in that space between the forwards and midfield. The Seattle Sounders don't see this necessarily as something that has to change their defensive posture. Sigi Schmid noted that though diverse they still have one man on which they will still focus a bit;

Every team has a couple guys that you want to pay attention to more than others. Certainly [De Rosario] is a guy for DC you have to be aware of. You have to defend as a group, you have to defend across the full width of the field because they have people that can come at you from wide positions as well. The Chivas [game] was a game where the game got a little bit open and they showed their pace and their ability to counter-attack and one thing we have to make sure is that the game doesn't get stretched and we don't give them a chance to show their counter-attack ability.

The defense will also have to be wary of the propensity for a drawing the penalty. While Charlie Davies is the most well-known for this, United has drawn 8 and scored 7. They also have given up 6 from the spot. While scoring from the spot isn't a strength of Seattle's composure in the area will be vital as half of DC's games involve action there.

Seattle's offense has a plethora of options. Each is clicking and not all will start. Unlike most MLS teams, the Sounders will be able to create a different and more effective attack late. Starters can then afford to press defensively more in that they know that the team will be able to score with them or without them. Facing a generally younger defense the forward tandem of Mike Fucito and Montero should be able to use quick ball movement, angular runs and their penchant to shoot from odd spaces to create opportunities. Having a poacher around the net will be important as there should be a few more rebound opportunities than usual. Burying those chances could shift the game from close to blow-out.

The game is on KONG6/16 and 97.3FM with Arlo White on the call at 6PM

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Tactical Keys

  • Force Hamid to Leave 6 Yard Box
  • Use High Pressure to Create Turnovers
  • Beware the Counter
  • Prepare for Flopping

Player Matchups

  • Osvaldo Alonso v Dwayne De Rosario
  • Mauro Rosales v Daniel Woolard
  • Fredy Montero v Clyde Simms

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