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Sounders Cohesive and Clinical 3-0 Over United

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This was very much a perfect win. Three goals and three points on a rainy Saturday night over DC United helped cement the playoff position of the Sounders.

Everyone on the team pulled their shift, and the Sounders were surgical in getting the job done. Mauro Rosales led the team with patience and some brilliant passing to cap two assists. Mike Fucito got the scoring started, and Alvaro Fernandez again was fantastic.

At the moment, tonight's lineup would be the perfect starting lineup, with the exception of Zach Scott for Hurtado who was out serving a suspension.

Tactically, everything was picture perfect, down to the pixel on your TV screen. There were a few minor hiccups and mistakes, but because the team was so cohesive everyone was able to cover their errors. Kasey Keller came up with some huge saves, as always, to preserve the clean sheet.

I won't even complain about Sigi's substitutions. In fact, I actually liked that with a 3 goal lead, he still chose to attack and be aggressive, using the opportunity to feed his hungry players like Jaqua and Neagle who are competing for minutes. The entrance of Amadou Sanyang was even entertaining, and at least offered us a curious look at him.

I will say though, even though the team was encouraged to continue looking for that 4th goal, I would have rather seen what Sigi could do to play defensively. With the playoffs inching closer, we still have the known problem of the Sounders closing out closely contested games. Regardless, it would not have been entertaining but it would have been useful practice for the team to step off the gas and move smoothly into a defensive close out. Maybe pulling a forward off in exchange for an extra midfielder, just to invite the opportunity for the opposition to press.

I know I'm being pedantic, but just keeping the bigger picture here. The injury which forced Mauro Rosales off late in the closing minutes gave me a slight heart attack, so I would have nightmares if one of our key players were to miss the playoffs.

Also, Kevin Stott rhymes with Blind Spot. Whodathunk.