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Champions League Without Mauro Rosales

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Mauro Rosales won't be getting an MRI until Monday, so how long he won't be in the lineup is still up in the air. But what we do know is that he will not be playing Tuesday night against CS Herediano. Doing a bit of research though, he was unlikely to start anyway. He had only started in one of the previous CONCACAF Champions League matches.

Tuesday's lineup is complicated by two other factors. The first being that Alvaro Fernandez will be out due to Yellow Card accumulation. The second is that Sigi (and us) have no idea what type of roster will travel.

The team that Herediano brings up little bit uncertain of that as to how they are approaching it. Technically they are not eliminated yet because it could go pear-shaped and they could be in there as well. For us, it’s a home game and it’s one that we want to win and need to win.

The Seattle Sounders without their two top wide players creates an interesting situation. Being in a nearly must win game changes things as well. Let's look at the last match down in Costa Rica first.

Seattle struggled a bit with possession, but in all put forward a lineup that won. It wouldn't be one that you would want to see, but it showed a few weaknesses that the Costa Rican side has. They don't deal with height or physicality all that well. Nate Jaqua and Roger Levesque both had solid performances demonstrating this.

When one looks at past starting XIs put out in the CCL there's a distinct note of Levesque and Fredy Montero up top, Fernandez in the middle with Leo Gonzalez and James Riley outside. On Tuesday fans should expect to see all but Alvaro. Things get a little creative though as Brad Evans is still just coming back from injury and reports from camp today are that Erik Friberg doesn't seem likely to be ready.

Past Usage In CCL 2011/12


Montero 4 Levesque 4
Neagle 3 Jaqua 2 Friberg 2 Noonan 2 Rosales
Fernandez 4 Evans 2 Fucito
Alonso 2
Gonzalez 4 Carrasco 3 Riley 4
Wahl Parke 3 Ianni 3
Hurtado 2 Scott 3

Levesque and Alvaro have both been used in RM roles as well.

Lamar Neagle would seem certain to start. The bucket with two defensive midfielders may be forced due to health. Levesque out on the right seems likely with Jaqua and Montero up top. This would leave Seattle with only one offensive threat on the bench  (Mike Fucito) and well stocked with players to protect an early lead.

If Rosales is out for an extended time and results don't go in Seattle's favor in the CCL Sigi's lineup juggling will become difficult. A victory or favorable prognosis will make things easier as he can go with the rotational system he's been using for some time.

No matter the lineup, the tactics shift.