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Major Link Soccer - It Is What It Is

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The Seattle Sounders came away with another victory and carrying another injury. The 3-0 victory was a bit more than the numbers suggest, but Sagarin sees Seattle as strong against an average team at home so it wasn't unexpected. Seattle and Real Salt Lake are also the two teams with 7 wins against top 8 teams in MLS. The full extent of the injury to Mauro Rosales won't be known until later today, but step one is who will start Tuesday in Champions League play.

As injuries to special players mount up it has become more and more common to blame it on the quality of refereeing. It almost certainly isn't that simple. The mix of player quality, playing conditions, playing style and the referees are all a factor according to the Shin Guardian. But one of the myths that USSF doesn't review decisions should be thoroughly debunked now. Still, let's understand that in no league is anyone satisfied with the quality of referees. It is vital for USSF and MLS to get better, but no one will ever be satisfied. There will always be injuries. There will always be bad referees in sport. It is what it is.

Don Garber continues to talk expansion, but this time there is more nuance. It is no longer a key component to the business strategy of the League. They definitely want to be in New York, but aren't limiting talks to just NYC. Vegas, Minnesota and Florida still seem a bit in play. Comments last week that made it seem as if the league was stopping at 20 were ratcheted back. But it is clear, they aren't in a hurry and they don't need to expand after 20.

If you think it is odd that the USA is pursuing dual citizen's Jurgen Klinsman points to massive soccer nations like France and Germany that have used the same technique to improve their fortunes. If the pattern continues maybe we'll see more dual English, South Korean, Italian and someday Iraq and Afghan players? Currently a majority of these dual citizens are related to US military bases overseas.

CCL opponent CS Herediano continues to roll. Their most recent win saw them put 5 on the board and a second shutout. CSD Comunicaciones fell in league play 0-1.  CF Monterrey hasn't had  strongest season andfell to Cruz Azul 1-2. FMFStateOfMind will be recapping the league's action later today or tomorrow.

The University of Washington's men's team went to Texas picking up a win and a weather cancellation. Brett Richards (4 goals in 5 starts) has been strong and it will be interesting to see Portland try to claim they developed a player when they didn't have an MLS Academy and he was over 18 when he played for their PDL side.

Buried in the sidebar as a FanPost you will find the current all competitions PP90 chart. Fredy Montero joined the group of men with a greater than 1.00 number.

Alliance Council voting for 2012 is active. We just had a meeting which will result in what should be significant news that will define the Democracy in Sports concept more than ever before. There will of course be a large post on that when we go public. I need only 4 votes. There are weekly updates on vote totals to make this a bit more transparent.

Lastly, Dizzo had something come up and so I'm covering. Huge thanks to him for doing this twice a week. I just learned his process. Hopefully you find these a service.