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Alliance Council Minutes And Notes Update

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The Alliance Council met prior to the match against the Columbus Crew. An update is now posted over at the Alliance Council Blog (which will be getting frontpage attention soon). The main issues resolved around voting changes, work on the Constitution/ByLaws/Charter (which will be public for voting in Sept) and the End of Year Meeting.

Council will now be posting weekly updates of the vote total during the current election. When the Sounders switch their backbone for CRM this will be more automated, but at this time it is a manual process. Currently elected to the 2012 council are the following people who have 25 or more votes; Evan Kolius, Greg Mockos, Likkit Pocinwong, McKenzie Clark, and Mark Inderhees. Obviously the ECS with their large group and organization is dominating. Since the publication of my 9 votes I have received 4 more, so if you plan on voting for me please note so in the comments here so that there isn't a significant over-vote.

The Amendment to the Constitution had one nay vote. The strike-through represents the only change that was made;

"Supporter Groups have a unique relationship with the Club that exists outside of the Alliance. The Alliance recognizes this and shall not interfere with it. Likewise, the supporter groups shall not use that relationship to interfere with the Alliance or its business, and shall work to support Alliance endeavors."

I was the nay vote. I feel that in democracies dissent should be done prior to votes, while after all members of the democracy should work to make it succeed. My nay was merely symbolic and I knew so when voting.

Last year's End of Year Alliance Meeting had a fairly low turnout. So this year it is going to be primarily planned by the Council (similar to the MLS Cup '09 Supporters Summit). This should result in a greater emphasis on the things about which you care. The club of course is working with us and will be providing the financial and logistical support.