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Steve Zakuani Changing National Team Affiliations?

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Getty Images, the official website covering all things Gunners, has a long form interview with their former prodigy, Mr. Steve Zakuani. First noted by @joshuamayers on twitter, Zakuani addresses his national team affiliation as well as growing up within the Arsenal Academy. Considering the attention given lately to the idea of playing his as a forward here's his quote regarding where he played;

I was there for five years and loved every minute. I learned a lot from coaches like Steve Leonard, Dermot Drummy, Andy McDermid and Roy Massey. Liam Brady and David Court were always helpful to me too. I honestly learned how to play the way I do today during those years at Arsenal.

I played on the left as a right-footed player and absolutely loved Robert Pires. I’d go to Highbury and watch him on Saturdays and then try to do what he did in our games on Sundays.

So while the idea of playing him up top would be a significant change as he now has 8 years as a Left Wing and 2 years as a Forward. Maybe more exciting for fans of the United States National Team is a seeming shift in his past desires to play for Congo.

It was a friendly against Mali and was a lot of fun but it doesn’t tie me to the Congo national team. I’m eligible for England too, even though that looks to be more than a long shot at the moment. And in a few years I’ll be able to play for the USA. Of the three, I prefer the States, as this is where I made my name as a player, but we’ll see how things turn out.

The entire interview gives strong insight into who Zakuani is - not just as a player, but as a man. But the news here is that the USA is now the leader for his services. He already meets FIFA's two year residency requirement, but to acquire citizenship would require him to either get married to a US citizen and wait three years, or five years must pass from the day he got his "Green Card," which was December 6th of last year.