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Yes, More 'A Date With A Sounder'

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On the heels of Tuesday's frustrating loss, we figured it might be a good idea to lighten the mood. And just in time, the Sounders have released another round of "Date With A Sounder" videos. In this batch, we have Mauro Rosales, Erik Friberg, Lamar Neagle, Servando Carrasco, Taylor Graham and Mike Seamon. I'm not sure that there's anything that will match "Pain Machine" for sheer longterm awesomeness, but Graham is at least giving it a shot with his pet cat Mr. Scorejangles. 

My favorite video of the bunch has to be Friberg's. He seems to be enjoying it the most, even if it's not entirely clear if he knows exactly what he's gotten himself into. 

Bonus points to Seamon, who listed his nickname as "The Seamonator" on his profile card.

Due to some technical difficulties, we weren't able to upload any of the videos, but follow that link to the Sounders' Facebook page where you can view them.