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Mauro Rosales And Seattle Sounders Close To Extension

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Today, during a live chat with Mauro Rosales indicated that he and the Seattle Sounders are close to an agreement on an extension. It is important to note that the following quote came via Google Translate and is therefore without the nuance that a live translator may offer.

matias (Newell's)

mauro two questions: you have plans to return to Newell's Old Boys? and the other how long it take to see you again with the red and black shirt? ..

Mauro Rosales
  (2:34 PM)

It is a personal desire to finish my career at Newell's. Now, I'm about to sign for two more years here, and then return to Argentina. Thanks for your question

In light of those comments the media talked to General Manager Adrian Hanauer at practice today. When asked about the negotiations he responded that they are going well;

I don't think either side is urgently trying to get something done at this moment. We're going through the process. I have a great relationship with Mauro and with his agent... It's never 100% certain, but I'm confident that we're moving in the right direction and we'll get something done here in the not-to-distant future.

Hanauer was reluctant to speak of the specific salary structure that is being discussed. He notes that the "most challenging part" of his job is trying to keep as many players together as possible, but lacks some of the tools that he had in 2009 and 2010. "There will come a point where difficult decisions" due to contract escalators or extensions. He doesn't expect the team to be torn down, but certainly tweaked this offseason.

With today's indication that the 30-year-old Maruo Rosales is likely to stay with the club past this season fans can look forward to seeing his 5 goal, 13 assists in all competions in the future.

Rosales also said that his goal with recovery is to be back for the US Open Cup Final. That would put him 17 days after the injury was sustained. This is quick for such an injury, but not unheard of.