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Practice Report: Injury Update, Cascadia Cup And Lamar Neagle

Lamar Neagle is proud of his 253 roots and looking to his future as a goalkeeper?
Lamar Neagle is proud of his 253 roots and looking to his future as a goalkeeper?

On a muggy, warm and cloudy day in Tukwila the main interest at practice was Mr Alan Hinton. With the game against the Vancouver Whitecaps he, Brian Schmetzer and Roger Levesque represent the history across generations and represent the history of this rivalry that is represented by the Cascadia Cup. As Adrian Hanauer said;

I'm not sure that the Cascadia Cup is the driving force, but the Cascadia rivalry no doubt is in fine form. Certainly is going to continue to grow over time. The fact that a team can win a cup is certainly great, but rivalries are built on the markets and competition. I think it is fantastic we have a chance to go up there and win some silverware, but mostly we just want to collect three points in Vancouver and continue to push for the playoffs.

Hanauer said that the Cascadia clubs and MLS will review away ticket allocation with a concentration on maintaining home-field advantage as well finding equitable solution that doesn't set Seattle back for having a larger stadium.

With the recent spate of injuries both major and minor Sigi Schmid had an update on several of hose players. Joshua Mayers summed up on twitter "Rosales (knee) is better, Fucito (ankle) trained, Friberg (hip) better and was in 5v2, Riley (concussion) on bike." And "Seamon, who's on the DL with an ankle injury, is improving and could play some CCL games." Schmid also let it be known that the club would fly charter to and from Guatemala for their CONCACAF Champions League match next week.

While most of the media was talking to the coach I asked Mike Fucito about his ankle and availability for Saturday's game.

Today was a good test. Thankfully it felt good. It was very positive to come out here with no set-backs...the fact that today went well is a good sign. There's a good chance that I'm able to be in there.

Back when ECS, Temple Billiards and America SCORES Seattle had their guest bartender night I was paired up with Lamar Neagle, beating him at 8-ball. We talked about a ton of stuff of the record and I today I was able to get a microphone in front of him to share our conversation with you.

SaH: First off your Date with a Sounder came out and you're proud of Federal Way.

Neagle: Of Course, I grew up there. A lot of guys have come out of there.

SaH: A lot of people from the 253, South Sound and there abouts look at you as a representative.

Neagle: It's been nice I get a bunch of support from the 253 Defiance [ECS subgroup].

SaH: You're in third year of your professional journey. In '09 they tried to make you a fulback, with the Battery you were a right mid and forward, now your a left mid. Is there a position you won't play?

Neagle: Absolutely not. If I could play goalie I would play goalie. They last forever. Maybe after a few years I start training to be a goalie. As long I can be versatile. Versatility is huge for the midfield in general. A lot of times they do go to the right, the left back stuff like that, centerback. As long as I'm on the field I'm happy. Right now, with the way I play I can do my best offensively so that's where I like to be. I enjoy scoring goals and creating goals so hopefully I can play there for the next few years and when it comes down to it I have experience trying out left and right back. Maybe I move back there later in my career.

SaH: Sigi pays his wide midfielders pretty high and might have slightly less defensive responsibilities than other coaches would did that experience you had with the Battery influence how you approach the game?

Neagle: With the Battery I had a free running role where I could go where I wanted. With Sigi there's kind of the same thing. We can switch left and right wings with our players and it doesn't matter. All the guys can play either side whether cutting in or crossing the ball every body is pretty good at doing both so it gives us a lot of freedom.

SaH: When we talked at the bartender night you mentioned how it was late in your senior year when you started paying more attention to other soccer and analyzing the tactics of the game rather than playing. How did that transition occur?

Neagle: I think when I first started [watching the sport] it was appreciating and watching guys that played my kind of role and that played like me. Trying to emulate that. Now it's more of a analytical thing and trying to have videos of other teams to see their tendencies and who I may be going up against. It can be huge. You've got to figure it out during the game, where the tendencies are for that player. But if you already have an idea of it going into the game that gives you an advantage.

SaH: Everybody on this team has been involved in so many competitions is year, is there a point the team starts to think that no body is a rookie, no one is a youngster?

Neagle: I think with the success of the team and the success how many players are having there comes a kind of respect. As long as we're successful every body is happy.