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Cascadia Cup: Seattle Sounders at Vancouver Whitecaps - Projected Lineups, Statistics

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While most of the attention has been on the loss of Mauro Rosales due to the MCL tear, this round of the Cascadia Cup is likely to be missing to other wide players for the Seattle Sounders. The Vancouver Whitecaps will be without a key central defender as well. Estimating who Tom Soehn will start where has driven Massey insane as well, so their side is more of an estimate than typical.

In the midfield Brad Evans has made the trip and is listed as healthy, so we expect him to start as the other central mid. Whether Lamar Neagle or Alvaro Fernandez is the right mid is immaterial. Both will switch a lot. Prior to this year, both were more right sided than left, so expect them to switch a lot. James Riley didn't practice fully with the team on Thursday still coming back from a concussion (his second this year) and so Zach Scott should start. Tyson Wahl has to sit due to Accumulation. Of course Leo Gonzalez slots in at the left back.

The Whitecaps have a porous defense that should be decent at crosses, but isn't. In general they are bad in run of play at stopping goals giving up 24. Take away Alain Rochat and they should be worse. Their offense does have some special player who can get some things done, even without Mustapha Jarju who is not expected to start. Not starting a young up-and-comer isn't a surprise - see Omar Salgado. They are expected to be in their whites, but I wanted a tribute to their two tone blue and so included a paler in the graphic.