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Cascadia Cup: Seattle Sounders at Vancouver Whitecaps - Gamethread

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While the Seattle Sounder no longer need to worry about making the MLS Cup Playoffs, there is still much to play for up in Vancouver. The Cascadia Cup is in doubt and that minuscule chance at the Supporters Shield needs Seattle to win out. Fortunately Seattle is playing the rather weak Vancouver Whitecaps on the final day of Empire Field. This rivalry match will feature hundreds of Seattle fans in their Rave Green supporting the club. Mike Fucito speaks for the team when he says

It means everything [to have that many fans]. We appreciate all the support all the time. When we see even 20 fans come down to Costa Rica or something like that, it gives us that extra boost that we may need to get through a tough time on the road. We know they'll be loud, we'll hear them and we'll try to use that to our advantage.

He also says that this team is prepared to play on any surface at any time, calling the surface down in Costa Rica "almost AstroTurf." While the fans in Vancouver get to end an era for their team against Seattle. Their home field advantage (4-3-5) won't be strong; they are still a much better team at Empire than on the road. But there is a lot of room for improvement.

The Whitecaps have had a rough season, making some personnel moves that can only be called baffling. There are some bright spots though with a few players who look to be special, a front office that is reworking its relationship with the Southsiders and players who just love their fanbase. They still though are a team that can't prevent the other from passing, shooting or scoring. They have a chunky attack that does not flow often enough.

Everything on paper says this should be a blowout. Paper doesn't play games, particularly not rivalry games. Vancouver can't make up the season by winning the next two and taking the first MLS Cascadia Cup, but it will mean a ton for them as they look forward to 2012. For Seattle it could be the first trophy in a rather special season.

The game is on KONG 6/16/106 and 97.3FM with Arlo White on the call at 7:30 PM

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Tactical Keys

  • Feed Montero and Run Off Him
  • Use High Pressure to Create Turnovers
  • Concentrate on Rapid Transitions
  • Play the Game not the Referee

Player Matchups

  • Fredy Montero v Jay DeMerit
  • Osvaldo Alonso v Davide Chiumiento
  • Zach Scott v Shea Salinas

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