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Seattle Sounders at CSD Comunicaciones CONCACAF Champions League - Gamethread

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Win and the Seattle Sounders set themselves up to win the Group. A tie ensures advancement. A loss would put way too much meaning on the final game against CF Monterrey. Tonight's game might actually be the second most important of the remaining year. It seems odd saying that, but the regular season is nearly in the playing out the string mode, so games against CSD Comunicaciones and the Chicago Fire will go a long way to defining the non-League season.

The territory will not be friendly, though the surface relatively familiar. Sigi Schmid will have a fairly healthy lineup compared to past weeks with the only assured starter being Zach Scott at right back (saying this ensures David Estrada). CCL threat Mike Fucito seems to have been saved for the game, but the rest of the lineup could go any in dozens of ways. The focus will be on at least a point if not more. There will be an early flurry to start the game, at the start of the second half and to finish the game. It is quite likely that long stretches of the game will seem chunky, slow and uninspired. Those will bracket moments of brilliant transitions and passing sequences. Almost certainly Kasey Keller will have at least one save that reminds us of his greatness.

Nothing else is known, but merely a hope.

The game is on FoxSoccer and streaming at CONCACAF's website at 7PM.

Pre Match Build-up: Preview

Tactical Keys

  • Weather the Early Storm
  • Rapid Transition To Attack Through All Layers
  • Play the Game not the Referee
  • Be Physical

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