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Nos Audietis' Greatest Hits: Interviews And Comedy Bits

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This is going to be a very slow weekend, so pardon the recycled material, but I realize not everyone who is a regular on this site listens to our podcast, Nos Audietis. Honestly, I don't blame you. It's usually at least an hour long and not everyone can afford to devote that kind of time every week.

But we do have some worthwhile stuff on there that does not require you to listen for an entire hour. This week we had an interview with Adrian Hanauer. We've had some cool comedy bits from everyone's favorite Boston Terrier, Pain Machine. Rather than beg for you to listen to the entire show, I've compiled some of our favorite bits and put them here.

If you would like to subscribe, here's the RSS and iTunes link. If you like what you hear, please give us a positive review on iTunes. The show usually comes out on Tuesday.


Pain Machine: Fucito's Got What I Need

Pain Machine: On A Yacht (NSFW)

Adrian Hanauer: On the U.S. Open Cup

Lamar NeagleJust before he blew up

Mike FucitoOn diving

Zach ScottOn Timbers Rivalry