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Enjoy your weekend off

It is Labor Day weekend, and the Sounders have a bye week. Going a weekend without a game is a rarity for this team, but it for once it allows us to sit back and watch. Namely, the league leaders who we are chasing, LA Galaxy.

1. Sporting KC will host the Galaxy today, and from here until the rest of the season, every game the Galaxy play will be a chance for Seattle to gain ground. This game especially, as they are currently three points ahead and one game in hand. So, the outcome of this match could be a big boost for us.

2. I was watching old youtube videos of Eduardo, the former Arsenal player who was horrifically injured in a challenge and was forced out of the game for nearly a year. Not sure if you remember, but Eduardo was a speedy Arsenal winger who had a lot of promise. Lot's of emotion when it comes to Eduardo.

In any case, Steve Zakuani, our speedy winger, is healing and improving. It's only been five months since this happened, but our current position in the league table with our fight and determination is a testament to the attitude and drive that Steve provided to our team.

This video of Steve's video "Quote Me" has been floating for a week or so, but for the sake of posterity, I'll post it here. I was hesitant to watch it thinking, 'oh, it's just another athlete rapping for fun', but it is actually quite good. Really, give it a listen.

It's great that Zakuani hasn't let his head down and is still thinking of the future, but he's being ambitious. In fact, once he's back and after he's had the Supporter's Shield and MLS scoring titles, he'll have already been thinking about representing his country. And finger crossed, it looks like he's thinking about playing for us. I would love to have a USMNT shirt with Zakuani on the back.

3. They took Mike Fucito to the hospital after the USOC battle against Dallas for a head scan, and I found a copy of the report. The injury was worse than we thought.

But really, here are some more gruesome zombie pictures in case you missed them.
Steven Bisig Photography

4. If you were watching the Champions League final, you might've seen Curt Menefee and wondered "isn't that the NFL guy and why is he talking soccer?". Well, turns out, he loves to talk soccer because he's a huge soccer fan. A great interview here for soccer evangelists who love these kinds of stories.

That's it for me. I'm off to go hike Rattlesnake Lake. Enjoy your weekend!