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Mauro Rosales No Longer Dark Horse For MVP

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It was only two weeks ago that we at Sounder at Heart were calling Mauro Rosales a "dark horse" for Major League Soccer's MVP. With the Seattle Sounders being one of the clearly best teams in MLS the chances are pretty good that a player would get recognition, and since Fredy Montero and Kasey Keller are mere mortals in their numbers those who don't watch every single game may not find an easy pick. At least that was the thought.

It looks like the SB Nation MLS editors don't think the same way. Rosales was a clear #2 in our first tracking poll for MVP. Yes, Brek Shea is the leader and Landon Donovan is the likely number three. All three will be pushed hard going into the final stretch, but only one of those top three won't be playing in the October National Team games against  Honduras and Ecuador.

There may be a break between traditional media and new media in the awards voting (both get votes - as do Jeremiah and myself). It is notable that those in traditional media are more likely to fall into East Coast Bias (that thing where since it is difficult to follow West Coast games they don't), but with the leaders all being from the West this should be less of an issue. In fact of the players that received a single vote from the 15 SBN editors only 2 play in the Eastern Time Zone - Thierry Henry and Dwayne De Rosario. Neither should have a chance at finishing first or second. Each has great numbers but both are on flawed teams.

A Sounder player seems quite likely to finish in the top three of the MVP race. Back in March no one would have guessed it would be by the one known at the time as merely #TheTrialist.