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Bratislav Ristic Latest Seattle Sounders Trialist

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If you are an MLS player and cut during the season the chances are very strong that the Seattle Sounders will ask you to come to Starfire Sports in Tukwila, Washington on trial. The latest trialist is former Chicago Fire utility man Bratislav Ristic. Released in late July, Ristic was a spot performer at RB, LB, RM, CDM and LM. He was never first choice, and seemed to fall victim to the limited international slots in the Windy City.

Merwin at HotTimeInOldTown describes his defensive play as

... at right back more man orientated ... He is a bit better at man marking than positioning defense I'd say.  But also I'd rate him a better offensive force than defensive force but only marginally.  I find him to be an entirely average player. [He's a] solid bench guy for depth but nothing more at this point in his career.

At 31 years old Ristic would be a move for right now, if the team feels it needs a replacement level talent. While Wes Knight would be a move for the future. The uncertain nature of Terry Boss' injury means that the second string rightback search goes directly against the search for another keeper.

Having so many trialists in camp also gives the Sounders talent evaluation team a better idea of how they compare to other GMs, Technical Directors and Coaches in MLS.