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Seattle Sounders v Real Salt Lake - Interactive Match Card, Projected Lineups

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Yes, we expect Mike Fucito to start for the Seattle Sounders.
Yes, we expect Mike Fucito to start for the Seattle Sounders.

Here is our most recent attempt at the Match Day Quick Reference Card (now powered by Tableau). I'm still working through how to list both last name and number without taking up too much space. I understand that this is our most requested tweak. I have slightly increased the size of the player dots, and changed the team data. The injury report is based on the Sounders release in their pregame notes. Also added is the Disciplinary Report so that you can know who is missing, or about to be missed. During international weeks losses for those matches will also be noted.

Getting to the lineups the thought is that Leo Gonzalez slots in over Tyson Wahl. Probably the biggest questions come at Center and Left Midfielder. There are four players I could see starting, but I went with Brad Evans (for his defense) and Alvaro Fernandez. It isn't that I think Lamar Neagle or Erik Friberg are bad, but there isn't enough space to start everyone. With next week's game in Costa Rica the lineup shuffle should start to work itself into a rotation. It goes without saying that we expect Fredy Montero and Mike Fucito to be the forwards.

The lineup for Real Salt Lake is projected by RSLSoapBox. With Chris Wingert out, and Robbie Russell a game-day decision the backline won't be a typical one for Salt Lake. They also have a large number of players carrying minor injuries which could come into play tomorrow.

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