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Sounders October - Stretch Run Here

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It's the make or break month. It didn't have to be, but after down months (June, September) the Sounders are in a month where their MLS Cup Playoff position will be determined. Facing their direct competition for the second seed in the West puts a premium on available points.

CenturyLink Field Full | Chris Coulter Sounders Photos

Seattle Sounders FC fell short of expectations in September. A month that was set-up for a push to the top instead ended with the team sitting in 4th place. At that position the Sounders would host a winner advances Play-In game against the Whitecaps (or Dallas) and the likely win would then force a two-leg series against the Earthquakes. October can change that, if they can match their expectations.

Team Location PPM locPPM Sagarin GFper GAper
Portland Timbers Home 0.97 0.27 1.52 1.03 1.68
Real Salt Lake Home 1.68 1.20 0.71 1.42 1.10
FC Dallas Home 1.19 0.75 1.06 1.23 1.32
CD Marathon Home
LA Galaxy Away 1.61 1.87 -0.43 1.77 1.39
Total PPM HomePPM AwayPPM
Seattle Sounders FC 1.63 2.00 1.31 1.50 1.03

The month starts with a Portland Timbers match where the Sounders can seize control of their Cascadia Cup fate in front of what could be real CenturyLink sell-out. The Timbers are a horrid road team. The 0-11-4 -23 road goal differential is on opportunity for Seattle to run up the score, both the MLS and Cascadia Cup tie-breakers basically demand it. Expectation: Big Win

After a ten day break Real Salt Lake comes to town for the last KONG televised game of the year. RSL also has a long break prior to the match. They will be coming off their match against LA (all three sides play each other once this month) and will know what points they need as they already control the two seed. Salt Lake is an average road team, which is impressive for a team that uses elevation to their advantage. This is the toughest of the home games on the record. Expectation: Draw or narrow Win.

On short rest surging FC Dallas comes to town. Those season numbers make it look like an easy win. Those season numbers are lying. The Toros are nearly at full health, George John being their most significant doubt due to injury. They will be motivated, as their entire season is on the line during their road heavy month. Expectation: Narrow Win or Draw.

Hey there Marathon! Thanks for coming to Seattle with your Youth and Reserve team. Now that your CCL season is over good luck in league play where you are on a 3 game winning streak. Sigi gets an extra reserve game too! Expectation: Win

The season ends against the LA Galaxy. The team that was once the bugaboo for Seattle has yet to score on the Sounders this year. Seattle has scored four and two against them, and LA's defense could be weakened by the knee injury to A.J. DeLaGarza. But, the game is at the Home Depot Center and will likely determine which club gets second and which gets fourth in the West. Expectation: Draw

It is a month that sets-up well because of the run of home games. The quality of opponents is high though. Where September was an opportunity to grab many points, October is a month that demands it while making it difficult. Reasonable expectations are for about 7 points in MLS play. Taking nine or more changes the tenor of the season, especially if it includes a win over Portland.