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More Than 66,000 Tickets Distributed For Sounders v Timbers

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Per a team spokesman more than 66,000 tickets are already distributed for the Sounders final Cascadia Cup match of 2012. It will be the third time this season that a regular season game will draw better than this year's friendly.

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Last year the San Jose Earthquakes game managed a huge crowd powered by the retirement of Kasey Keller. This year it is rivalry that is the engine for Seattle's massive crowds. Most teams in MLS draw crowds of this size by facing teams like Manchester United or Barcelona or Real Madrid. Here, in the greater Puget Sound the team does that, but also draws for teams like the LA Galaxy, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Portland Timbers.

The phrase from the club was simple and short;

We are currently over 66,000 tickets distributed for Sunday’s match vs. Portland. A limited number of tickets still remain.

Those tickets that remain could mean that a game against a bad team from Oregon will have a higher attendance number than when Manchester United visited. For that match the number was 67,052. If that number is passed the Seattle Sounders v Portland Timbers game will be the most attended soccer match in Pacific Northwest history.

If you don't live in the Greater Puget Sound, or have just waited too long to get seats, the game will be on ESPN at 6PM Pacific. Or you can get one of those few remaining seats.

It should be noted the original stadium was designed to expand to 72,000 seats in order to host the Super Bowl. Is it time to find those bleachers?