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Sounders Injury Update: Gonzalez Hamstring Issue, Hurtado Facial Fracture

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Jeff Parke was in full practice, while Gonzalez and Hurtado have further injury concerns. Hooray international break!

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Under the grey skies the Seattle Sounders practiced focusing on one/two touch play on a small field. Jeff Parke was a full participant while two other defenders with injuries during the win over Portland did not. Sodade continues to do some ball work on the side. Hahnemann split keeper duties with Meredith for one of the teams in the mini-game.

Sigi Schmid spoke to reporters after practice about the injury status of the three that had issues during the Timbers game.

Leo's got a hamstring pull. We've got to see how it is. They did an MRI so they'll know the extent of it. It's something that, every individual is different, but it's probably a 2-4 weeker. Parke obviously trained today and was fine. Jhon Kennedy has a little bit of a facial fracture. I know I fractured my cheekbone in the same place, but I needed surgery. He doesn't need surgery or anything for it. It's a fracture that is just there. It's a matter of being careful the first few days because there's blood buildup and you don't want to mess up the sinuses or anything. And just letting him get into training. There's a question of 'can he play? Is there some sort of mask that can be possibly done to help him get out there and play?' Those are the things that we are exploring and looking into.

With another week until a competitive match and at least three weeks until the MLS Cup Playoffs there is some time to recover before the must win short season starts. But the next three matches could also go a long way to making the second season a tiny bit easier.

There's never a good time for an injury (maybe the final game of the season so the winter can be a recovery), but at least this is a light week before a flurry of four matches in twelve days. And then the Playoffs with up to five games prior to MLS Cup in just nineteen days.