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Sigi Schmid Thanks Fans For Tifo

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After today's practice Sigi Schmid made certain that he thanked fans for the tifo prior to the match against the Portland Timbers. There was no lead up question, he just wanted to make certain to say thank you.

Let's just cut to the chase.

Coach Sigi Schmid saw the tifo. Days later he wanted to make certain that all the fans knew what he thought.

Here are his words after practice.

I wanted to thank the fans for putting up the tifo. I thought it was a better likeness than I would have expected, but I thought it was a great honor. It was something that I wasn’t really able to address after the game...but it was really something that touched me that they would do that. I think it’s a reflection, again, of our fans. I know just recently The Guardian voted this one of the top tifos in the world. That’s the effort they put in and never ceases to amaze what our fans are able to do, and I know the guys feel the same every time out.

More words are not needed. He's in soccer heaven because of you.