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United States v Guatemala World Cup Qualifying - Gamethread

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A draw is enough, if you feel that the bare minimum is qualifying for the next round. Today's match is on ESPN2 with coverage starting at 3:30 PM.

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images

It is the final match of this qualifying round as the United States continues its quest to make Brazil 2014. The USMNT controls their own destiny. A win or draw and they advance. A loss combined with certain scores by Jamaica would mean that the USA does not advance. There's even a chance that Guatemala and Jamaica would have to play a one game playoff to make the Hex.

Tonight's match at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will have a clear homefield advantage. But many US fans want more than just advancement. They want to feel good about their team. They want to tune into ESPN2 and see not just victory, but performance.

To get the result Jurgen Klinsmann fields the following lineup

We last though that Eddie Johnson at Left Mid was a bizarre choice. It probably still is, but he's proven that in situations where he can get into the area he will. His head will be available and he will score.

Kick is scheduled for shortly after 4 PM Pacific and EJ will again be starting. Both Beckerman and Rimando (yes, 3 keepers!) are in the 18. In a familiar story for Seattle fans, this is the 20th different lineup for the USA in Klinsmann's 20 matches coached.